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Admissions Office


Pastor Elaine Wallace

Director of Admissions

In the interest of fostering a learning environment rich in diversity, EPIC encourages people from various ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds to apply. Certain requirements are set in order to help assure your success.


Students who desire admission to EPIC Bible College must contact our office by phone, e-mail, mail, or in person to receive the necessary application information and forms. Students who are admitted to EPIC have expressed the personal experience of a definite Christian conversion. EPIC focuses on Training Lives and Building Character. As Dr. Ron Harden says;

“Since 1974 we have been focused on three purposes for our students: to know the Lord more (spiritual growth), to better serve in the local church (personal growth), to be equipped for volunteer and vocational service (ministerial growth). You’ll probably say, “That’s me” to one or more of the three. If you do, then EPIC Bible College is a place for you.”

You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns by sending us an e-mail at




Fill out the Online Application For FREE Below to get started.

Download this PDF form and fill in all the correct details!

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 60 days of receiving all documentation.

EPIC Bible College & Graduate School

Dear Applicant,


Thank you for your interest in EPIC Bible College, we are very grateful that you have taken this step in the process of attending. We are committed to training you for the call that God has on your life. Since 1974 we have been training men and women, much like yourself, in the knowledge of the word of God. With 92% of our graduates involved in ministry around the world we are confident that could also be you!
Blessings, EPIC Admissions


  1. The first step will be to fill out the Application below. Please provide as much information as possible, this will make the application process much easier. Upon checking the Agreement box and clicking submit we will receive your application.

  2. The second step will be to complete your Autobiographical essay, and two references. (Spiritual Reference and personal Reference)

    1. Our admissions team will work with you regarding your Autobiographical essay.

    2. The Spiritual Reference can be downloaded HERE.

    3. The Personal Reference can be downloaded HERE.

  3. Our Admissions Team will be in contact with you to help you through the rest of the Application process.

Admission Process


The admission process includes submitting all required forms to:



Required Documents (You can download these forms by clicking on the link–requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view):


New and/or prospective students will be notified by mail that all forms have been received and that the student has been accepted as a student at EPIC Bible College. If a student’s application for admission has been denied, a notice of the decision will be mailed to the student.

Please read the FERA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Notice.

To learn more on how to register for classes please go to the Academics Section.

Transfer Students


Epic welcomes all transfer students regardless of the amount of units transferred. In addition to the academic documents provided, an applicant’s moral character, and willingness to comply with the institutions standards (found in the Doctrinal Statement) are considered before final acceptance is decided. A definite experience of Christian conversion is essential for admission to Epic.

Epic accepts credits earned at other institutions under the following circumstances:

College credit from an accredited postsecondary institution may be transferred as long as the course content is determined by the Vice President of Academics to be equivalent to the corresponding Epic course. The student must have earned a minimum grade of “C” for the credit to transfer. Official transcripts must be delivered to Epic and included in the student’s file in the Director of Records’ Office and evaluated with documentation on forms provided by the Vice President of Academics.

Requests to transfer credits from unaccredited institutions are handled on a case-by-case basis.

International Admission


International Students who plan to attend class onsite in the United States


EPIC Bible College & Graduate School (EPIC) encourages students from all over the world to become part of the student body. Throughout the years many international students have successfully completed their studies at EPIC.

Due to the everchanging governmental and international requirements, it is necessary for EPIC to establish the following additional admission requirements for International students:

All International applicants must go through the process to receive an F1 student visa.  EPIC uses Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) to create an I20 for each applicant.  To be admitted to EPIC, each prospective International Student must be aware that no United States Government aid is available to Non-Citizens.  The financial support must come from a sponsor or personal funds. Note:  Applicants who are currently in the US on a B2 Tourist Visa must complete an I539 Form (With fee) to change their Visa Status to F1 Student Visa.

International students must show means of support before entering the United States.  It is also EPIC’s policy that international students pay at minimum one year in advance before attending classes.  The amount due upon registering is recalculated on an annual basis.  The amount must cover tuition for 12 units a quarter, for a total of 36 annual units of tuition rates, in addition to the regular fees, and anticipated book costs for the first year.

International students will be provided a packet from the EPIC Bible College office that will contain all pertinent information and forms. The student must complete the forms and return them to EPIC Bible College, 4330 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95621.


Upon receipt of the following information, EPIC will mail the student the required I-20 form required for entry into the United States:

  • Application with fee, an autobiography, and all of the General Admissions requirements noted previously.

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport to the designated school official.

  • Provide current international address.

  • Provide documentation of applicant’s sponsor and support (I-34 Form).  If there is more than one sponsor, each one must complete a Form I-34.  If an organization is sponsoring, it must also complete the form.  Students who are sponsoring themself, must provide a bank statement in US dollars showing the ability to pay out of pocket.

  • After the I-20 is completed, the sponsor must go to: and pay the SEVIS fee to process the I-20 (I901 Form).

  • International students must pay at minimum the entire first year tuition, all charges , fees, and anticipated book costs.

  • International students must register for 12 units each quarter.

  • After receiving the above information, EPIC will issue an I-20 and an Acceptance Letter enabling the student to enter the United States.


When the student goes to the US Embassy or Consulate in their country the items needed during the appointment are as follows:

  • A completed I-20 form

  • The Affidavit of Support form

  • Acceptance Letter from EPIC Bible College & Graduate School

  • Receipt of the SEVIS fee


Final step: Visit the EPIC Bible College & Graduate School main campus, register for classes and pay for the entire year’s anticipated cost.


Note: Any application for a “Ministerial scholarship” will be considered after EPIC Bible College receives a student’s entire application packet; student has enrolled for classes; and student has paid the first year’s anticipated cost. Any scholarship request, if approved, shall be effective for the student’s second year of studies and will only cover a small percentage towards tuition only.

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