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Campus Safety: Staying Safe


To each EPIC Student and Employee:

We value your safety.  Your personal copy of our “EPIC Staying Safe Booklet” is available in the LRC or for you to download HERE.  This booklet contains tips to protect yourself and our EPIC policies and procedures pertaining to health, safety, assault, harassment, as well as grievance and discipline policies and procedures (which are also contained in your EPIC Student Handbook, Employee Handbook, and the EPIC Catalog).  The Clery Act, pertaining to Federal Financial Aid, requires that we make you aware of these for your quick reference.

EPIC takes additional steps to protect your safety. We insure the parking lot lights are serviced. We encourage you to walk out two by two when possible.  You may not all be aware, but we do have an internal system to alert staff in case unwanted individuals enter the building,  etc. These and other safety and emergency procedures are contained in the Emergency binders located in each classroom and at the Reception Desk and Academic Department Secretary Desk. These binders have procedures for a variety of events to protect and serve each of you. Our internal Public Address System can alert you in case of any other emergencies.  We pray, prepare and plan for your protection and safety.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

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